Somewhere Over the Rainbow


  • What beautiful flowers!!  

    Buying cards has always been a difficult task for me as well.  I'm glad you got through the day...

    Looks like one of your dogs is pretty mischievous!!  Kisses all around--even during a "photo shoot".


  • I find the anticipation of days you expect to be hard are harder than the actual days themself.  What beautiful flowers!  I'm so glad you got through the day and felt at peace by the end of it.  

    It is very hard to move foward sometimes for me as well, knowing I'll have difficulty conceiving again, and then actually having it be a reality now.  Ooh, acupuncture, as much as I don't mind needles not too sure I'd be excited about that one, hope it goes well for you!

    Big hugs to you!


  • Oh Libby, I am so glad you found peace. I love it when that feeling comes into your heart.

    I seem to feel a smidge better when I have my little cry too, but I know it is all part of what we have been through, so I just let it happen.

    It seems like we are forced to move forward. The sun rises and sets on its own accord and we live this life without our seems so harsh.

    I hope you did everything you wanted today. :)

  • Libby-

    beautiful flowers. Glad you are doing well and enjoying your time with your "boys."

    enjoy the rest of your weekend.