Somewhere Over the Rainbow


  • I think keeping Bruno's shirt in one of Marco's memory boxes is a good idea.  It obviously means a lot to Bruno.  Even though it brings negative emotions now, maybe one day he will want to hold it and feel that closeness he had with Marco during their too short time together.  


  • This is such a beautiful, bittersweet post.  We moms get all the support we can handle right here but dads are so often forgotten, those amazingly strong men who hold us as our worlds are ripped apart.

    I love that you are aware of how much that shirt hurts Bruno and that you want to find away to spare him the pain of wearing it again while still preserving that connection to Marco.  I think it's a wonderful idea to fold it and put it in one of Marco's memory boxes.  Someday Lucia may want to look through those boxes and being able to give her one more example of her daddy's strength, his love, is a wonderful thing.

    So much love to you,


  • I can totally get that.  I have the shirt that I was wearing when we found out the girls were coming hanging in my closet.  I don't remember if it was the green one or the purple one.  But I can't bring myself to wear either of them, but I don't want to throw them out because it's a part of them.  I love the idea of putting them in the memory box for now, it lets you keep the memory ingrained in it but not have to look at it all the time with all of the pain involved with it.



  • Libby, this is a beautifully written post.  Hugs to your loving husband too!  Adding the shirt to one of Marco's memory boxes sounds like a fine idea.  Like the others have said, it will help Lucia piece those sweet moments together as she grows bigger and Bruno might feel differently about it later on.  It's a part of your son's story.

    My husband has "that shirt" as well.  It was a dark blue t-shirt and he wore it many times afterwards because he had kind of a limited casual wardrobe.  It eventually went into the donation bag, but I still have mine.  The faded burgundy t-shirt I wore as I drove myself to the hospital that fateful night.  There's a heart on it and in one space in French it reads "hug my soul."  It's at the bottom of one of my drawers, but I doubt I'll ever let it go.

    Many hugs to you all,


  • It's so amazing how so much can be put into an item that someone on the outside would see as "just a shirt."  I think the shirt should go into the box.  I totally understand about not hanging it in his closet.  I couldn't bear to look at/wear the outfit I had on when i went to the emergency room for Zachary.  I ended up throwing it away--the pain too great.  My outfit didn't hold the memories of Zach though--just the scary experience of his birth.