Somewhere Over the Rainbow


  • I'm so excited to see everyone's posts about the march for babies!  I'm starting to get excited about the one I'm putting together!  Love the shirts too!  That's an awesome sign!   Thanks for sharing your walk pictures!


  • I'm walking in March for Babies this coming Saturdayin VA Beach.  It's the first one I'll be walking in and I'm excited.  I started a 'family team' up, and since I was the 'leader', I got links to a site that does make the shirts.  you can get them personalized with pictures and weights.  I know it's a little late now, but if you're planning on walking in the future, or if you'd just like one, the website is:

    I love that you made your own shirts... The sign is beautiful and sad at the same time.  I'll be praying for you and your family- and a little prayer for your ovaries can't hurt, right?!  Thanks for sharing your pics and giving me an idea of what to expect :)


  • welldone with the march for Babies...i know your lil Marco must be so very proud of his mummy and daddy..thankyou for sharing your pics...the sign is beautiful and brought tears to my sad that so many of us are having to live with empty arms and broken hearts...hugs.,.chantelle xx

  • I love the pictures...The sign is beautiful.

    We are walking this coming Saturday. It is our first MOB too. I was able to start a team. Did not invest a 100% of my time and efforts in it but we still have 8 people walking with us and 500 dollars collected. I ordered our t-shirts last week. Hope to get them on time for the walk. If not, I will be doing the same as you. Great job on your t-shirts.

    What a great way to honor your little angel Marco.

    Hope we can do the same for our little Sophia!



  • I'm so glad you guys did the walk.  I'm sure it felt good to participate in such an even organized to honor those little ones up in Heaven's play land.  The sign is really nice and thanks for sharing the pictures.  You and Bruno are in inspiration, in how you are handling your lives without having Marco here.  I love you both.


  • We walk this weekend in our area! Will keep Marco in my thoughts while we walk!

    Audrey :-)

  • Libby-

    awesome!! Marco had such a great sign. So glad that you had such a positive experience. You are making Marco so proud. :)