Somewhere Over the Rainbow


  • Libby, my heart broke when I saw this post. I've been following your blog silently and keeping my fingers crossed with each development. I'm so sorry. I have no words that can comfort you but I'm so glad you have found some peace in knowing that Marco is safe in heaven.

    Please take good care,


  • My heart goes out to you.  Peace for yourself, your husband, and loving relatives and friends who held litte Marco in thoughts are in my prayers.  He was blessed with the moments he was able to spend with you and his Daddy, and he is surely with the Lord now, comfortable, and embracing your love and care for him.  You raised him in your womb with much love and concern for him, faced many brave and hard choices to offer him the best you could, and embraced him and offered him every comfort you could as he passed.  He could not have been blessed with better parents.  He knows that, and knows that you love him, and I believe he loves you, too.  I pray that faith brings you comfort through this heartbreak.  Again, you're in my prayers.

    -Annette DeHaven

  • Libby-

    I just read your blog.  I am sobbing for you.  What a tough, tough thing to get through.  Ugh!

    We had such a difficult time accepting that we did the right thing for Zachary.  Did we give up on him too soon?  Could we have tried more?  In the end, we both know that our decision to let Zachary go to God was the right one.  We justwant him with us so badly that sometimes we second guess ourselves.  

    You mention his baptism.  Are you Catholic?  We are.  I was so thankful that the priest came to the hospital.  Zachary was baptized by Tim right away and then when I finally got to see him, I baptized him as well.  Finally, he was baptized by the priest when given his final rites.  Our son without a doubt (with baptism or not) is with God.  No doubt.

    Thanks for your email.  Take care of yourself.