Somewhere Over the Rainbow


  • Those memories of those special days spent pregnant with our little ones are priceless.

    Sending plenty of baby dust your way.


  • Sending every good wish for a successful and worry-free pregnancy. Although I dreaded being 8-9 mos. pregnant with twins, I feel robbed of the experience of being visibly and enviably big. I hope that the near future blesses Marco with a sibling and a chance to show all those bikini girls a thing or two!

  • Libby,

    Isn't amazing how our angels are always with us even if we can't see them or touch them.  I love it when Tristan comes to me in my dreams.  Your vision sounds great and i'm sure if Marco was here he would be happy to have a little brother.

    Good luck and sending your lots of baby dust your way.


  • Sticky baby dust coming your way. This was such a nice blog. You sound brave and hopeful, good for you.


  • Hey Sweetheart, hold onto that 'vision'.  It WILL manifest itself!  I'm sure there is a little angel just waiting to come be with you.  Keep your faith ~ all will be well.  I'm here if you need me.

  • Libby-

    thanks for posting on my blog. I am glad you did because it sounds like we are inthe same boat. Trying again is so scary...I hope it gets a little blissful in the 40 weeks of the next pregnancy. Just feeling these emotions make me want to run and hide. Wow.... I send you buckets of dust and hope.

    This entire challenge brought my husband and I closer together, and I know it was with the strength from God and prayers that we are still doing so well.

    You are in my prayers.