Somewhere Over the Rainbow


  • Leeb,

    I'm so glad the site is back up for you and all of the other bloggers....  I love you and am praying for your ovaries (and you of course) every night!


  • I think looking at all your options is really great Lib.  Though it may be a lot of information - having lots of choices breeds hope!  I know this has been one of the most difficult journeys of your life.  So much to experience, so much to learn, so much pain but also so much love.  I am sending positive karma your way - for Marco's spirit to keep inspiring you and for a new little angel to come your way.  xoxo Uncle B

  • Yay for provera!!  That med surely is a lifesaver sometimes!  I had to go on it after 16ish weeks of no period a couple of years ago, and it got me back on track!  I hope it does the same for you and keeps you on track like it did for me after just one round!  Oh, I'm interested in hearing what your second opinion has to say, you'll have to let us know!  I wonder what a more natural approach is!  So glad you were able to enjoy their birthdays even through the sadness of remembering what it was like last year and what it should have been like this year.  Keep hanging in there, we're here for you any time!  Hugs to you!


  • Glad to hear you are indeed "hanging in there". I am sending you good thoughts.

    Sorry I have been AWOL for so long. I am gonna try to do better.


  • I just read a book about fertility being enhanced by Traditional Chinese Medicine. I forgot the name, but I'd be happy to mail it to you if you are interested. It's really not an option for me because of availability in my area.

    I hope that you find the strength and balance you need to move forward in a healthy and hopeful way.