Somewhere Over the Rainbow


  • Libby,

    This is such a beautiful post. It is truly amazing the "gifts" that our Angels give us when they leave this Earth. I too have been taught to just pause and breathe in the life that is spilling out from my girls. Sending you lots of hugs as you reflect on all that you have been thru these past 4 years.


  • Libby,

    I just love your posts. Lucia is just so full of life, that is obvious from photos of her and all of your posts. I think it is an amazing gift that Marco gave you, the reminder to soak Lucia's precious moments up and enjoy her.  I know too many moms of young kids who just can't wait for them to be a little older and more makes me sad, because I know what a gift every day with a child really is.

    Love to your family this Thanksgiving!


  • Lucia is such a beauty and what a beautiful post!  It brought tears to my eyes.  Thank you for sharing it. It melts my heart hearing how your precious Marco guides you today and what a blessing to understand how important it is to take in these precious moments with our kiddos.

    Big hugs to you, momma.


  • Libby, your posts are so beautifully written. These moments are so special and I'm so glad that you are just enjoying the now. Lucia is such a sweet little girl and that sibling connection is forever strong. I know there must be so many moments where it just hurts as the reminders are everywhere, but I love how you keep Marco close and honor his memory all the while raising Lucia.

    Sending you hugs this holiday season,


    P.S. OMG, she's hoping to be potty training? That's wonderful news even though I know it's also a little sad. Got your incentives ready?

  • I wish all parents could understand the preciousness of their children the way you do. You have a beautiful soul. Thank you for sharing.