Somewhere Over the Rainbow


  • What a beautiful, heartbreaking post.  Marco absolutely knows how much you love him.  He lives on in his sisters' laughter, their love for you and for each other.  He's there in the sunshine that warms your shoulders and the rain that washes away the dust.

    The way you honor Marco, the way you remember him and mother him is a beautiful thing.  The way you love his sisters and face every single day is beautiful and inspiring.

    So much love to you,


  • Marco knew then and still knows today.. only love. Your Love. His Daddy's love. And all that love flows back to you and to his Daddy and his sisters. Big hugs to you my dear friend. You are teaching all of us about grace and gratitude each time you share Marco with us. Thank you.

    Much love and many hugs,


  • So beautifully written.  

    Big Hugs,


  • Libby, sending you hugs as you approach this time of year with strength and grace. Your Marco must be feeling the love from you, Bruno, and his sibling sisters. I am smiling as you are finding joy in even the most frustrating of mommy moments:) Those sandals are such a reminder and I hope it was healing to wear them in your present. Even something like sandals can bring it all back, but I know that he is never far from your thoughts:)

    I wanted to wish Lucia a very happy belated birthday! I hope she had a very special day with family and friends. I bet little sis was eyeing the cupcakes:)

    More hugs,


  • Such a well written yet heartbreaking post. I love that you remember Marco in your family, and know that he is with you always. It's interesting what is considered a mundane task or even an aggravating hurdle, until the opportunity is ripped away from you.

    Love and hugs as you approach Marco's anniversary.


  • Beautiful, touching post. I remember too fretting too about so many things and how it seems like such a privelege to get to do those things now. Hugs to you. Nicki

  • Such a beautifully written post. Thinking of you! That is amazing symbolism wearing the same sandals seven years later.