Somewhere Over the Rainbow


  • I have a St Gerard necklace too and had it with me while trying to conceive and during my pregnancy with Maddox.  I know that feeling of believing that the necklace will make everything turn out the way it should.  I also know the feeling of when it doesn't do what it is supposed to do.  Mine sits in a box with all of his things as we are not trying to have another baby right now.  But...I'm sure it will come back out when we are ready.  Good luck to you on getting Lucia a little brother/sister!  I'm sure Marco will do his best to help.

  • Libby,

    This post has so much beauty within it. I don't have a large or very close family and hearing about yours and how incredibly supportive and close you are by not only sharing this charm but obviously being so open with each other is truly incredible. I hope that soon St. Gerard and Lady of La Leche hear your pleas and bless you and Bruno (and Lucia) with a co-pilot. Sending you lots of baby dust and prayers.


  • I was once told that if I slept with a baby outfit in between my mattress I would get pregnant.  I tried it.    I am not crazy.  I wasn't crazy.  You aren't crazy!  You have this secret called  "hope".  For some reason I read posts on here and seldom shed  a tear, I am numb.  But today, you got me Libby.  I shed a tear for you.  I hope that it works until then I'll talk to your saints for you!   After all I was born Catholic and named after St. Therese,  I might have some pull! seriously... anything to try for you my friend!  Praying for a baby for you!   Hugs to you, I'm sure you're tired of the shackles, seen and unseen.     Until then we hope not just for you and Bruno but for Lucia!

  • Many many hugs to you!  


  • Libby, I am continuously keeping you in my thoughts and holding on to hope for all of you:) Keep doing what you do and know that many are wishing you baby dust:)


  • Hi Libby -- what a beautiful post. I hope this treasured symbol of hope brings you much love and joy.


  • Libby, I love this post. I am Catholic, I have a big Catholic family, but I have never heard of praying to St. Gerard for Lady of La Leche! I am amazed while reading this post and learning the history of the charms for your family.

    As the other friends have said, you are not crazy at all! We have to cling to hope at all times, and the charms are a symbol of that hope.  I pray that Lucia has a co-pilot soon!

    Huge hugs,


  • I  know all about these shackles. I went through five years of "if I just do this ..." All I can say is I'm sending all my love to you.