Somewhere Over the Rainbow


  • I find myself doing the same thing.  At night as i am laying in bed i think yo myself how much time did i spend enjoying my time with colin. Playing with him. Did i take time to enjoy the day.  And usually feel guilt when i realize not enough as i should angel moms i think we know how much more precious our living children are and feel guilt when we get frustrated with them,  but they can be trying!  

  • Ahhh.....staying in the moment......that illusive goal for most of us!  I'm glad that you're finding a way to do that now that the freezing temps are letting up a bit.  Winters are so hard!!  I can't believe that Lucia is getting so fast!!  I seems like just yesterday, we were meeting her for the first time.  Time does pass by so much faster now that we're parents than when we were wishing our life away as kids.  



  • Those pictures are beautiful!

  • I think sometimes we all need to take a minute and acknowledge that yes, we wanted this mommy gig but it's so, so hard sometimes.  And it's okay to admit that.  Admitting it doesn't make any of us less awesome mothers.  It just gives us a chance to admit that sometimes it's not all sunshine and roses.  We love our kids with all our hearts even when there are moments when we just wish they'd go do sleep and stay asleep for a few (eight?) hours.

    I'm glad you reminded us to be in the moment.  I know I need that reminder every so often.

    Lucia is so beautiful, just like her mommy.  I can almost see Marco over her shoulder in this pictures, loving her in that very moment, just as he loves you.