Somewhere Over the Rainbow


  • Oh wow!!  Those pics are beautiful!!!!  I can't imagine waking up to that.  Here, we'd be paralyzed for weeks, but it's so beautiful to see!

    As for the Psalm....thank you for posting it, but I also needed to be reminded of that.  It's hard to keep that in your forethoughts when so many things are swirling around you, but it's so true.


  • How beautiful!  I'm glad that Marco sent you such a pretty sight to see.


  • I love the snow ,it gives me a sense of peace and calm , after loosing my baby Jake we had a big storm and still sore from my c section went out and shoveld and the snow falling was like a caress from my angel . , I can relate to many of your feelings . I think of you

  • Wow, we got snow too, but nothing like you did. Good luck digging out. :)


  • Oh my --- so much snow!  A gift of 'silence and calm' for you huh Lib?  I loved the pictures - you look adorable resting in the snow - and the doggies look so cute too.  Hope you are not buried there too long - the sun needs to come out and melt it all away!

  • Oh my gosh what a beautiful pictures... it looks something out of a book.  You look very happy in the picture, i'm sure that's how Marco wants to see his mommy and that's why he send you this gift of snow.