Somewhere Over the Rainbow


  • I catch myself swaying too.....  I hope that the test results will turn out the way that you're hoping.  You deserve the best!!


  • I hope your results are positive ones & your wish comes true. I'll try to send some positive thoughts your way. :)



  • I'm sorry you don't have your little Marco to sway with you in your arms :( .  You sound like you're more patient than me with the testing, I couldn't wait that long!  I hope that your body has kicked into gear and sending you lots of baby dust!


  • hi i wish you all the luck when you do the test! I feel for ya heaps i havnt started to try yet we lost our Brianna Rose 7 weeks ago but my husband would love to try again soon and im sure i will be exactly like you are take care your in my thoughts xAmy

  • I hope day 41 is just the beginning of your much wanted baby.  

    Keeping you in my thoughts....


  • Hang in there, we are here. Keep us posted on the test.


  • We're all rooting for you!  The wait is excruciating, but I think your body will know when it's ready.  Good luck with your test...we are all here to listen...whatever the outcome!

    Take care of yourself,


  • If you are not pregnant this cycle, you could use ovulation prediction tests to accurately predict your fertile days. I ovulate late in my cycle, and used them when we were trying. I never had trouble getting pregnant, it was staying that way I had trouble with.

    I hope to hear happy news from you soon. Good luck!