Somewhere Over the Rainbow


  • It's so nice that you have someone who is there for you and just knows just what to say or just knows a hug is needed.  It's hard when you end up in a place and then have those "flashbacks". especially when you were full of hope about the future.   a hug to you.

  • How fun---swimming in the winter!!!!  Ansley would love to live closer to an indoor pool right now.  

    Funny how memories are so very clear at certain times.  I'm glad that you have your sister to give hugs when hugs are needed and help you get through some of those times.  I hope that the wait is not long for Lucia a little sibling.  Hugs to you as the new year approaches!!


  • It's so bittersweet when we are able to reflect on the moments where we are totally and blissfully unaware of what is to come. I have few memories of my pregnancy with Arianna before my water broke. I think the fear and pain somehow consumed them. I am glad that you got a moment to reflect on a time when you were blissfully unaware and that you have a person in your life that "gets it". Sending you lots of hugs and blessings as you begin TTC again.


  • Libby -

    To process it all.  I am crying with you my dear, dear friend.  I often think back, "I was pregnant with Zach" when we did this, or did that.  Those memories have come to be dear to my heart.  The only memories I have WITH my son.  

    My heart goes out to you with your last cycle.  It's so easy to become caught up in the fear---what it's.  Try to steer away form there and to trust that your body can do this.  

    Little Lucia is so beautiful.  Just like her mommy.  I wish we lived right next door and Evan could have playdates.  :)  How lucky Sebastian is to have his best friend so close and how special to have your sister as YOUR best friend.  I am so thankful that she is supportive and gets it.  What a beautiful person to have in your life.

    I love you Libby.

    Sending you happy thoughts for a beautiful 2014.