Somewhere Over the Rainbow


  • Happy birthday, Lucia!!  She's such a beautiful little, ahem, I mean, big girl.  Her spunky personality shines through in all these pictures.  I'm so glad she had a good birthday and so excited for her to get a big girl room.

    I can only imagine how bittersweet it is to watch Marco's little sister get another year older each year while he stays an infant.  But I know he's loving you all, watching his sister be her silly, amazing self and watching you love her, knowing how much you love him too.

    So much love,


  • Happy Birthday sweet Lucia!  I have loved watching her grow through SHARE!  

    I know as we watch our living children grow those bittersweet moments can take over!  Many hugs to you!  


  • I was thinking about Lucia on her day as our kiddos do share the same birthday:) It looks like she had a ton of fun at the bounce place! I can't believe that she's 3 already! She will absolutely love her new big girl digs. Love the pic with the shades:)

    Hugs Libby,


  • Awww....I remember that tiny little bundle making her appearance into the world and now she's 3!!!  She's so beautiful, and I'm jealous of the curls!  Bless you as you continue a redecorating project.  It always seems like a great idea until you're halfway through. (Or it does for me!)



  • What gorgeous pictures!!!! Happy birthday, Lucia!!!