Somewhere Over the Rainbow


  • Oh Libby...this is such a beautiful post.  Your love for Marco shines through in every post but it's so bright in this one.

    Thank you for sharing your raw, honest feelings, your love for your children, your sweet, strong heart.


  • many many hugs to you.  I still haven't been back to the funeral home were Scott's service was and I dread the day when I have to do so.  I'm glad that it was a healing experience for you and that it made you feel closer to him.  

  • hugs and love, libby. i understand the trepidation you felt. Last summer, I had to go to the funeral home where our boys were laid out -- in the very same rooms where their service was held. took my breath away.

    your love and Marco's light shines through each of your beautifully written entries.