Somewhere Over the Rainbow


  • I get it Libby.  I get it!  

  • Right there with you mama.  It's hard watching the life you dreamed be lived by others.  It brings about that familiar ache.  Felt it today when I saw a young mom with a brand spankin' new baby girl today.



  • Hugs Libby!  I love you I soo get this!  


  • Yes I totally get this.  A woman at work had a baby on the same day too and I was definitely having some feelings that I am not so proud of.  Thanks for posting this and letting me (and probably many others) know I am not alone. I wish we all had gotten that chance to walk out of the hospital with our babies with the joy of being new parents.


  • Here's the thing:  The royal baby may not be about you but your feelings surrounding it are.  They are YOUR feelings and you're owning them.  And that's a good thing.  You admit that it hurts to see a couple embracing their first born, a son.  We all get that and it's okay to admit those feelings.  You aren't begrudging them their happiness but are wondering why you didn't get the same.  That's human, it's real and I applaud you for getting it out and Sharing it with us.

    So much love coming your way,


  • Libby this post brought tears to my eyes. I totally get this. I also love that you write to Marco each and every time that you blog. I often want to write to Arianna but I have no idea where to start. I honestly can't wait to give you a huge hug at SU.


  • Libby, I had the same feelings too and didn't know what to do with them.  I am so happy for this couple, but at the same time feeling like I didn't get that moment.  That's far from what our realities have been.  Anything with a baby boy hits that forever tender spot. Yes, our kiddos share a birthday and we'll be eating second helpings or larger slices of cake next Friday celebrating your girl and my boy together:)



  • Oh, Libby, it totally makes sense. They have what you SHOULD HAVE had, and it's just another reminder of it. I think those feelings are totally normal (because, obviously, I know everything about normal, hahahaha!). Seriously though, I think that's a perfectly healthy way for you to feel. HUGS and ♥ and only 8 weeks until REAL hugs!