Somewhere Over the Rainbow


  • Libby -

    Tears in my eyes and on my heart for you both.  Why!!!???? Why did this happen?  It just doesn't seem fair.  I am praying for your strength too.  Last year this time - my Zachary was IUGR, but I didn't know.  I think it would have been worse to live with the knowledge that you and Bruno had for the next 7 weeks.  

    Oh Libby - you have so much strength and I know Marco is just pumping up all of those reproductive cells in your body to welcome the possibility of a sibling.  Sending you so many hugs ---


  • Libby,

    I'm so sorry you  have to relieve these memories, it's so tough to relieve the most painful moments of our lives.  I'm not in any better of a place than you are, so i'm not sure i can offer an advice...just know we're all here for you.  praying for your strength to get through the next seven weeks, and for the wonders of another baby.


  • Isn't it stunning that we can be here, living with these memories, reliving them, and still have hope for the future? Sometimes I cannot believe we have survived it at all. You have strength. You have courage. My wish for you is peace and a sibling for Marco.



  • I'm so sorry......  Memories are so precious, but so heartbreaking at times too.  


  • I'm so sorry that you've got such scary memories to live through all over again.  It's amazing what detail we can remember everything in even a year later.  Many hugs are coming your way.


  • Those were very dark days, I remember them vividly, when Cristian and I came out to spend the day with you after your amnio.  It still is hard to believe all that you and Bruno have been through.  You are a very strong couple, two beautiful people who have lived through an experience that.....I really can't find words to finish that sentence.  I am so sad for you and Bruno that Marco is not here.  It's hard for me to watch you go through all of this, while not being able to do anything to fix the problem.  You fought so hard for Marco, you did everything that you could possibly do to give him a chance, you did it with love and compassion.   I remember waiting for your phone calls with news, hoping and praying for good news, it was such a roller coaster and you both handled it all with grace and love.  I love you Libby and I know that there will be light ahead for you and Bruno.  I am praying for some good reproduction!!


    You are doing what you need to do right now, taking it one day, one hour, one minute at a time.

  • I can remember those days as well...the ones we fought for Jay and Morgan for them to just be born when they were suppose to.

    I wish you all the best on TTC Marco's baby sibling.