Somewhere Over the Rainbow


  • Libby it's amazing the nudges we get from our Angelbabies!  

    OOOOooooh Lucia, I love your belly!!!!  It matches mine!

    Love and Light,


  • Oh Libby Lucia is so beautiful... I love when babies pull their little tongues out..... that is a special way to remember Marco, I used to talk to Stefano about Antonella, and now Stefano every time includes Antonella in our lives, like the t shirts in Disney....and he even pray for sweet my little boy..... I am sure Lucia will be like this.....



  • Libby, oh my gosh, i love that first picture of her, what a belly! :)  and Bella has a very similar christmas dress this year, it looks almost identical!

    The way you described Lucia reaching out for Marco's picture pulled on my heart too.  It's seems so complicated when it comes to integrating the children we lost into the ones which survived, it's such an important thing for me too.

    i wish your family a very special christmas this year!


  • Lucia is so pretty! I love the first picture of her smile! What a nice way to remeber Marco at bedtime. Lucia is going to grow up loving her big brother. Hugs to you as the 18th approches.


  • What a cutie pie!!!  I can't believe how much she's grown just since October!!!  Slow her down!

    I'm glad that her checkup went well and that she's learning about her amazing big brother early on.  Ansley always prays and asks God to give her sister a hug for her.  So sweet!


  • Oh my goodness, she's already 4 months!  She has grown so much.  You're taking lots of pics, right?  Okay, good.  It must have been hard to hold back tears when she stretched out her hand to her brother's picture.  I love the nighttime routine that you're putting into place:)  Very sweet Libby.  

    This time of year brings up so many memorable dates.  I'm sure whatever you do, it will be special.

    Happy Holidays,


  • What a great santa baby picture.  We did a similar one with Cael and his cousin at their first Christmas.

    I love that your kids gave you that sign.  What a special moment.



  • Your daughter is beautiful! I also think its wonderful that your teaching her about her older brother and making him apart of her!