Somewhere Over the Rainbow


  • Thank you for making me feel ok about the state of our office! ;)

    It's almost as if we become archeologists when we come across those relics of the past.  I too have kept some very strange things... just because... I'm not sure why.  They feel archival, yes, like you said, a part of our children's story.  We can't hold them... but there are these pieces of that time that we can.  Ooooh, this journey.  It's a strange one.


  • Your office sounds a lot like my house some of the time. It is strange the items that we form an attachment to from "that" time period in our life. Like you and Lauren I too have kept some pretty odd things. Things that remind me that she was here. Lauren is right this journey is a strange one and I am so glad that we have each other to navigate it.



  • Libby, it's amazing the things we put aside. I have similar piles on the floor of my bedroom. Dated items especially launch me back to that time. It must have been so difficult to go through that pile. I hope you were able to file and purge, but to also have made some more space on your office desk for more loving photos and keepsakes of your two precious babies.  2009 was my best and worst year too.

    Sending you love and hugs,


  • It must be that time of year to clean out offices.  I just did the same thing and was coming across all the "papers"  It's bittersweet remembering that time and all the hopes/dreams we had.  I like how Lauren referred to it as being an archeologist so true.  some strange things we do keep like the last sonogram picture ever taken of Scott and kept buried under the too be filed papers to find occasionally.  Definitely a strange journey we are all taking...