Somewhere Over the Rainbow


  • Libby,

        I'm right there with you, trying to hang onto the hope and the ups of this rollercoaster we were so rudely thrown onto!  I'm so glad that your acupuncture sessions help you to feel good!  I may have to check into that once I get back to stateside.....anything like that isn't such a good idea in Guam!  I really hope that it gets your cycle into check too, I've heard it can do wonderful things for that!  I hope you have a great trip visiting family!  Keep us posted on how the provera works for you!  It worked for me when I had a 15 week cycle two years ago when we were TTC.  Hugs to you!


  • I'm glad that the acupuncture is working well for you, and hopefully the "steps" that you have planned will progress quickly.  

    Enjoy your time with family this weekend!  


  • Aww, Libby,

    You're doing all the right things, everything you can do to control your world right now and I know it's so frustrating when you can't even control your own emotions.

    You've been through so much.

    Give yourself a break and acknowledge that it's okay to hurt, to be down, to be sad.  Heck, it's okay to be furious with a world that keeps on turning without your precious Marco.  It's wrong that everything just keeps happening, the clocks keep turning, the sun keeps rising, when he's NOT here.

    Be kind to yourself and enjoy your trip.

    I wish you all the best.


  • Libby,

    You are doing all the right things. Give yourself some credit. I am glad that the acupuncture is working.Relaxing is all you need now and everything will fall back into place. I am researching the relaxation optoions for myself as well. What kind of yoga class do you go to?

    I hope the provera works for you and gets you closer to Step 2:-)...

    Enjoy your trip and stay hopeful...

    Hugs ...