Somewhere Over the Rainbow


  • Oh Honey ~ I'm sorry this is so hard.  Making decisions like this is very hard.  If you guys can swing it ~ it sounds like it could be nothing but good if you were a stay-at-home Mommy.  That is STILL a full-time job and I just know you will be most excellent at it!  There's nothing glamorous about sitting at a desk job.  Especially if you are thinking of your child all day.  I'm sure you guys will decide what works best for both of you.  Sending you hugs and Lucia is absolutely pure gold from heaven!

  • I'm sorry that you're feeling the anxiety of leaving Lucia.  I know this doesn't help, but those babies may have just started crying right as you walked up so they might otherwise be happy with tummy time.  I hope that things will work out so that both of you are happy and comfortable!

    Hugs to you!


  • The first days back to work were really hard for me (even though my mom was watching kaitlyn).  I think it's normal to want to stay home with your baby.  In my situation, I couldn't, so here I am at work and somedays it does make me sad.  I wish I could stay at home with her.  Whatever you choose, please know that things will be okay!! :)

    As for the monkey face, I've seen alot of babies over the years with my mom doing in home daycare my whole life, and I can tell you that I've seen that face in many babes.  I think she's discovered her tongue! She's feeling around thinking, 'wow, what's that?!'  I'd say if you do have concerns, you can always call your doc, just to put your mind at ease.  No question is a stupid question ;)  Good luck tomorrow.  I'll be saying a prayer for you!!!  3



  • I think if you can stay home and it is what you want, then I would do whatever it takes to spend that time with Lucia.

    I went back to work when Imani was 5 months old and I thought it was going to be the worst experience.  For me, it turned out to be OK.  I did leave her with my mom and that made the transition easier.

    Good luck in your decision...I know its a tough one.


  • That would have been hard, when ever I see a crying baby at the gym daycare I want to scoop them up.

    I made the decision to stay at home and while I miss having my own cash and adult conversation some days. I really have enjoyed it. I don't plan on doing it forever but when I feel it's right I will enter back into the work force.

    I'm sure that you will make the best choice for your family


  • Big giant hugs to you. I hope that everything goes okay tomorrow.


  • I can only imagine how hard it will be to leave Lucia and go to work, especially after seeing those crying babies. Just remember that you chose this day care because people you trust trust them and that's the best recommendation you can hope for, I think. I hope it works out that you can quit and be a full-time mom at home.

    If you think the face is weird, call. I totally would.

    Sending you big hugs for your first day back and little tiny hugs for Lucia on her first day of daycare.


  • I totally understand what you're going through!!!  Having done daycare with our two oldest, I was brought to tears as well.  I am currently enjoying being a stay at home mom, but like you said, it's challenging. I just know you'd be an amazing stay at home mom!!!!  Continue to talk it over with Bruno and if you need to talk to someone who's been a working mom and a SAHM, give me a call!  You guys will make the right decision for you. Hang in there, mama!

  • Libby,

    I think this is one of the hardest decisions to make...there are so many pros and cons when looking at whether to stay home or work.  I think the way you're doing it could be the perfect have to work for two weeks even if you quit today.  So you can use that time to see how you feel.  Maybe you'll surprise yourself and find that you can work and feel comfortable leaving Lucia at daycare.  I've never regretted staying home with my opinion is that I won't get these years back if I miss them.  Some of my working mom friends explain that they just spend much more quality time with their kids when they can get it.  Either way, I wish you luck in making your decision!



  • Hi Libby,

    How did your first day back go?

    Oh, I remember the dread of going back to work after I had Kaelin. I had 12 weeks off under FMLA, but the company I worked for offered an additional six weeks unpaid. I took two more weeks off then came back part time to ease back in. Definitely made it easier.

    I was apprehensive about leaving Kaelin at the sitter, too. There's no one who will ever take care of our kids like we do ... and I remember on my first day back looking at the clock wondering what/how she was doing. I called once or twice the first day, then I was OK.

    I personally wouldn't have the sanity to be a SAHM (plus it would be too hard to do my freelance work), but I applaud anyone who can. The finances will take care of themselves. You will be saving on daycare, work clothes, gas to and from, etc.

    As for the tongue stuff -- Kelsey has her tongue out a lot, too ... although she doesn't stick her lips out. I'll bet it's nothing. Babies are experiencing so many things at this stage ... and the tongue helps them get a sense of their world.

    Hope you are doing well.


  • Hi Libby,

    Oh, I can SO identify with these feelings.  I hope that your first day week(s) back went okay for your family.  For me, it was a decision I stressed over many times and still do . . . With our first baby, I took 13 weeks (12 FMLA+1 more unpaid).  I should have taken the rest of that semester off as I was NOT ready to go back.  With our second baby, I took the semester off and I'm glad that I did.  

    Since 2004-2005 school year, I've been working super part-time teaching schedules because I wasn't comfortable leaving them all day.  If I had found a provider whom I really liked, I think I would've been okay.  I took 2 1/2 years off after Naethyn died.  I went back to work for the first time and I'm working just 2 hours in the morning M-F.  This little foot in the teaching door and a few hours for my "youngest" in preschool has been a good fit for us.  The preschool/daycare is the best fit ever, but it took us (me) time to get there and feel that way.

    I hope that you are giving it some time to see how you feel.  You can always quit your job and see how you like being home too.  You do have options and being home is a FT job even though you're not on payroll.  

    Wishing you peace with decisions,