Somewhere Over the Rainbow


  • Ben & Jerry's, yummy!  It looks like Lucia had a nice time out with her mommy:) Libby, I have similar thoughts.  It's so hard at times.  I so believe that Marco is forever with you and his spirit is shining through those tender moments with your little girl.  I often wonder what it would be like if things had been different.  It hurts to let go of plans and dreams.  I'm still learning to accept what is.  These days, I feel like I have memberships to many different clubs.  I like the ones that offer complimentary cocktails:) Hugs!

    See you in a few weeks,


  • What a beautiful post, Libby.  You are so right about this being our reality, our club.  We don't know any different and we love with our whole hearts and yes, maybe you love a little more because you're loving with Marco's heart too.  I kind of love that thought.  He's loving his sister through you, through the patience you've gained through losing him.

    Lucia is a gorgeous (solid, I love that) little girl who is so very lucky to have such an amazing mama and such a loving big brother watching over her.

    Thinking of you,


  • I am always so thankful for the profound appreciation for life that Arianna has gifted me. Although I would most definitely give anything to have her hear with me I am without a doubt so grateful for the legacy she has left behind. No doubt that Marco's love for his sister resonates through you. I never get tired of looking at that sweet beautiful smiling face. She is such a doll. :)


  • That is a cutie pie!!!!!  Love the pic and I think she loved the ice cream!  I totally understand what you're saying about the wondering what it would be like.  I often wonder the same things.  Hugs to you---can't wait to see you!!


  • Libby;

    Our children change us, living or not.  They do.   The difference is that you have this amazing heart that allows you to see how very fortunate you are and I have to believe that had Marco been here, you would be the same! you'd be this amazing mother that you are to Lucia and Marco.   You would have empathy for others and you would definitely shine.  What would be different is that none of us here on Share would have you...  Thank you Marco for giving us your Mama, because as selfish as it sounds I'm so thankful to have her here with us.   Our lives are changed by our children.... no matter how they live, with us or in our hearts, they make us who we are, they're part of us.

  • She is soo cute and Lucia are able to have a little mommy and Lucia time together!      We have been forever changed by our "experiences".  I have always wondered (not that I doubt they love their children)  if there is a different to the "norms" and those of us who have lost and/or watching our children struggle to remain in this world.    



  • I am glad that you and Lucia*