Somewhere Over the Rainbow


  • Libby,

    I have been thinking of you a lot. When I was pregnant with Keira I had so many of these same feelings. I had to distance myself from posts on share also. Especially the further along I got and when the loss posts involved women who were further along than I was. I remember driving to the hospital the morning I had my c-section in silence. Neither Jerry or I  spoke a word. There was no chit chat about what our baby would look like, how much hair she would have etc. There was just silence. We were both wondering if we would be bringing home a baby.

    I will be keeping you in my thoughts as the next four weeks fly by. I know it will be filled with emotional ups and downs. I can't wait to see pictures of your new little princess and hear all about how Lucia's first moments of a big sister are.

    Sending hugs,


  • Libby,

    Your words are so raw and honest.  Thank you for sharing that.  I was never able to have another baby after I lost George Daniel, so I can only imagine what is going through your heart and mind these last weeks/upcoming weeks.

    I like how you think though.  Live in the moment, stay in that moment, and do what YOU need to do to get through this pregnancy.  I know Marco is up there rooting on his baby sister, watching her grow inside of you, and loving you all from up above!!

    I look forward to following you through this and seeing pictures of your new baby!!  HUGS!!


  • Libby, thinking about you and wishing you uneventfulness as you make your way to your EDD. I can only imagine all of those feelings and thoughts. I love that you are just being in the moment and taking each passing day and week as they come. Prop your feet, nap when you can, and give yourself permission to eat that extra scoop of ice cream. Girls like ice cream:)

    Sending you hugs,


  • Libby, this is such a thoughtful post.  You're in the homestretch, you know that the odds are in your favor and yet we all get why the fears settle in.  Maybe it's a little bit of knowing too much.  You've suffered the absolute worst a mother can suffer and you can't, no matter how much you want to, undo that, or take it away or rewind and have a different outcome during Marco's pregnancy.

    You're doing the best you can.  Remind yourself of that when you get scared.  You're a very strong woman and you're doing the absolute best you can.  One day at a time.

    So much love,


  • Libby, my heart is with you. It is truly hard not to let our heads get so far past our feet when we've experienced the things we have. I wish you well over these last few weeks, as you learn to live more in the moment and get ever closer to the finish line and bringing baby Sparky home.


  • That is a great attitude, to live in the moment. I like that! You are getting so close to the due date, way to go! Try to block out all the stresses but the fear that sometimes creeps in is normal. I remember I was a roller coaster of emotions high and low those last few weeks of pregnancy with my rainbow baby. Thinking of you!

  • Good for you for working so hard to stay in the moment. That is such a hard thing to do. I wish you all the best.


  • hugs!  I think staying in the moment is the best thing to do but also so hard to do.  I have been thinking about you and wish you all the best in the coming weeks.    I think I actually get what you were saying about the group if it's for people who are pregnant after a loss it seems like it may have veered a little off topic the night you were there and just focused on the loss and not the pregnancy the women are currently experiencing.  Although you all are there for the same reasons it's fine line and seems like it went to far in one direction.  Nicki

  • I've been thinking about you. Sending love <3


  • Thank you so much for saying this the way that you did. I attended three support group meetings after I lost Josie and never really found a niche there. It could have been because her dad was very un-supportive, or that I was so young and felt that my presence made it worse on some of the older parents who had their last chances used up for a baby. What I do remember is realizing all the things that could go wrong during pregnancy. I actually began to be thankful that I knew her diagnosis before she was born so I could mentally prepare myself. I was thankful I didn't come home to a nursery as the parents of the 9 month stillborn baby boy did; thankful I didn't come home to two of everything with only one baby boy as the parents of the twins did.

    I too kept living in the moment of my pregnancy with Abbey. I still had a shower and I set up a room and bassinet and put a car seat in my car. I also went crazy cleaning the apartment the weekend before the induction. But I was super silent on the way to the hospital; and my first words when I heard her cry were "Is she okay??"

    Once you experience a loss it never leaves, its always a shadow behind the joy. But I also believe it makes they joy so much better.

    Keep us updated on the arrival of new baby girl!

    Love and Hugs