Somewhere Over the Rainbow


  • Your little one is beautiful. I am so sorry for your lost and I know those words don't help. They were said to me too many times when I lost my older daughter.

  • Libby~

    She is so adorable!!!  I can't get over how much she's grown and I see what you mean with her changing so quickly!  I hope that you find the pics that you're looking for.  



  • Hugs to you.  What a beautiful happy sweet girl you have!  I know her brother is smiling down on her as she grows.  I feel like I have watched this little one grow up even though I am many many miles away!  Give her a hug from Florida!


  • Such a beautiful sweet little girl little Lucia is. I know how hard it is to have your little one grow up so quickly. It is bittersweet. On one hand I am so thankful for the opportunity to be able to watch my sweet girl grow up but at the same time I just wish time would slow for awhile so that I could soak it up for a little bit longer. I hope that you find your missing pictures soon. (Did you post any of them to Share by chance? I know a lot of us upload a lot of pics maybe some of them are on Share?).



  • Libby, she's such a cutie!  It happens too fast Libby. I wish it would slow down too. The beach is our special place as well:)

    I hope that the pics will turn up.  I will definitely be thinking of your little Lucia in the next few weeks.  Our kiddos share a very special day indeed:)

    Big hugs,


  • Libby - I so hope you find those pictures! How heartbreaking.

    Lucia is such a precious, beautiful little girl. Where does the time go? Seriously....