Somewhere Over the Rainbow


  • It's always difficult to feel so uncomfortable in your own skin, not knowing exactly where you belong.  We're kind of in a category all our own I guess.  Moms, but not in the traditional sense, even after other babies still not traditional moms because there will always be one less head to count.  Oh I can't wait to wear my little one!  I've already got a carrier in mind, lol!  I'm so glad that you were able to enjoy yourself even though you weren't quite sure where you fit in.

    That sounds like a really beautiful tribute to their little girl, I'm so glad you were able to go and witness that.  That will be a beautiful sight to see you bringing your rainbow baby to Katie's playground to play, you must post a picture of that very special day for us, I'm hoping that it will be very soon for you!


  • I am so glad that you were able to spend time with your mom and sister.

    The park is such a great way for her parents to remember Katie. Hopefully you will be able to take a little one there to play soon.


  • That is such a strange feeling. At least we always fit in here with each other. I'm glad you had a chance to go to the park opening. It seems like a place you did belong, and will belong in the future.


  • I've felt that "out of place" feeling myself....not one of my favorite times, but I'm glad that you were able to enjoy yourself even though the situation was not ideal.  

    As for the park honoring their daughter---what a beautiful idea!!  I'm sure their memories will always be full of laughter when they think of Katie.


  • Libby-

    Yes, it is not fun to "not fit in."  However, I liked Lauren's post about "owning it."  I had a friend who had her baby last week and I found out that she had had a cesarean.  Instead of shying away from the topic, I called her and left her a message about how bad c-sections suck (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and that if she had any questions, she should call me.  She did call back and we were able to share experiences,  and I could give her some insight on how much c-sections suck (O, did I already say that!) Anyway, I felt like I was part of it.  When pregnant women are talking, I am going to try to share my experiences......there are going to be many moments in the future.  We all know how women love to talk,  and I hope that I try to fit in, where I can.

    Fitting in where I can..................that's the point.  I think I totally just rambled on your post, but you know what I mean.  ;)

    Talk to you again soon.


  • I understand about not knowing where to fit in as well.  It's hard to answer when people ask me, "So, how many children do you have?"  It hurts!  I want people to know about my son who didn't make it.  I feel like I ma betraying him if I don't mention him.  He's everyday, all the time in my mind.  I see his picture everyday when I wake up and go to bed.  He was so cute!  He looked so much like his brothers when they were newborn preemies.  

    I love the idea of the park.  That is such a neat idea!  I sincerely hope that you will get the opportunity to bring your own children to play there one day in the future.  

    Keeping you in my thoughts,