Somewhere Over the Rainbow


  • Oh Libby I am sorry that you are having trouble with that.... Yes I know how you feel, like you have many things to be grateful but still something is bothering you, even if it is a small thing, but I tell you I would also be worry, is normal to be worry, hope your Dr. can help you and all is normal again.



  • Ugh, you know I'm right here with you.  Tons of hugs to you momma.  Hoping for another little miracle for the both of us.


  • Libby-

    It's just insult to injury when again our bodies seem to fail us or act up.  It's just not fair, everything should be smooth sailing and then its not and it does just throw us for a loop.  

    I do really think pregnancy changes everything about our cycles.  After Akeelah nothing, we needed intervention to get pregnant... after Micah... nothing needed.  Go figure.  If you haven't already I just heart the book Taking Control of your Fertility.  When we were looking for answers when I wasn't having a cycle and provera wasn't working it really helped me understand what was going... or not going on.

    Hugs momma, glad you blogged it out!


  • Libby, I'm glad that you've got a good OB and have a plan in place for now.  It had to be very difficult to even go to that RE.  I hope that one or the other will do the trick to get your cycle back.  

    I'm thinking about you,


  • Isn't it funny how when we're younger, we'd do anything to not have a regular period and as adults, we want regular periods??  I'm sorry to hear that things are so crazy for your periods right now and hope that the new attempts at the meds will lend some positive results.  



  • It sucks when our bodies dont do what they are suppose to!  Ugh Hugs momma.  P.s. have I told you lately how much I love you!


  • I'm sorry that is has been so difficult. I understand the feelings and was in the same boat. I think I was around 18 months before mine came back and the doc was suggesting Clomid to try again. Even though my hormone tests came back normal. I was put on progesterone and estrogen and eventually my cycle returned after three months.

    Good luck...It can be so frustrating


  • Libby,

    I am so sorry to hear about the stress you are undergoing.  I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers and hope all works out.



  • I know i'm a little late to the party but I went thru some very similar things TTC. It's like an extra kick when your down when you just can't get things to work like you want. Especially after you've already suffered the loss of your child. We used Clomid to conceive Keira so I truly hope that you have some success with it. Your in my thoughts.