Somewhere Over the Rainbow


  • Libby,

    I am rooting for you.  Time is so precious- and so complicated.  I wish you the peace you deserve to enjoy these moments fully as they are, with this little one kicking all over the place, Lucia smiling and Marco always and forever near.



  • Congrats on 31 weeks along Libby:) It is something to be celebrated. I know that there just have to be so many emotions and memories flooding both your mind and heart. You're doing a great job! You're an amazing person and mommy:) Little Lucia looks so cute and happy. And why wouldn't she be, she's at Starbucks! Yum! Are you guys excited as I am about the new mini frapp?!

    Sending you lots of hugs,


  • Oh Libby, this time is so precious and yet so fraught with anxiety and fears.  I totally get your need to spend as much time with Lucia as possible to bottle her time of getting you all to herself.  I worried incessantly how becoming a big sister would affect Alyssa.  And like Lucia will, Alyssa was and is a great big sister.

    Here's to another boring 7 weeks until you meet Marco and Lucia's baby sister.

    So much love to you,


  • Congratulations on 31 weeks!  I think that pregnancy/baby preparation is so different when you're an angel mom. We have so many more fears than the average mom. Before you lose one you never realize how special some of the moments are. I have no doubt that Marco is watching over you and giving you the strength you need.

    Love and Hugs,


  • Love you, Libby. You're such a wonderful mother to all of your children.


  • Congrats on making it to 31 weeks! Yay! Also happy to hear that time is flying by now. Enjoy these last 7 weeks!

  • Pregnancy after loss is so beautiful and so hard. Its no longer the fear of the unknown, its the fear of the known. I have no doubt that Lucia is going to be the best big sister in the universe. She is already the best little sister in the universe.

    I am sending lots of hugs as you make it through these next 7 weeks.


  • Libby wow 31 weeks, well right now probably you are like 34 :), but anyway I am so happy for you, Lucia and Bruno, that things have move smoothly and days have pass with no problems, I know how   stressful it is to be pregnant and with fear, but I do hope you have enjoyed these days.

    Lucia is so big now, and so happy, I am sure she will be a great big sister.

    big hug