Somewhere Over the Rainbow


  • While I will always wish we had no reason to cross paths, or that perhaps we did both with our special little ones in our arms, I'm so grateful Bruno put the computer in your hands.  I remember logging onto Share and seeing your first post.  You, your story and your sweet Marco hold such a special place in my heart.  I remember thinking that you were where I was such a short time ago- what I was thinking and would have written had I found Share before not after Akeelah was born. And I rooted and rooted for you guys hoping with all my hope that your sweet Marco would stay.  Such a privilege to have known you, and known Marco while he was here with us and to have seen the unwavering love that's endured since.

    Much love,


  • Your words are words I think we all can relate to here on Share and why we blog.  I felt the same when I started getting those comments to my first blog.  Wish we didn't all know each other under the circumstances that we do but glad we all are here for one another.

  • Thank you so much for this blog post. I haven't shared my story yet but I know its coming and this was very encouraging. I have been reading others blogs & stories since the beginning of October, when I lost my son. Like you said, I don't wish any of us had to go through this but I'm glad I found share where I can relate to women who have walked this unfortunate path. Thanks again.


  • I am so, so glad that you blog, Libby.  Your story, Marco's story and even Lucia's story give so many people hope, give them strength in knowing they're not alone, in seeing where you are in your grief.  You inspire so many with your love for your children.

    I am so sorry you had reason to start a blog but since you did have reason, I'm so glad you did.

    Thinking of you,


  • Thanks for sharing your story, I have done the March of dimes walk with my family it was a lot of fun I was born at 1 pound 4 oz and my twin was 1 pound 3 oz