Samarella's Journal

10 weeks [2]

  • Sam, they are getting so big!  I need to do some loving on them from far away! :)  I didn't know you had been laid off and I'm sorry to hear that.  I would definitely do the same thing with the Enfamil.  

    Love you!


  • I love the pics!!

    I'm sorry, I didn't know you had been laid off :(

    I'm sure it is so hard seeing the boys together and missing Trinity with them. I can't imagine.

    We had a similar issue with Easton and was terrible! So now we are sticking with Enfamil, and he is much happier. So sorry that WIC won't cover it, could you maybe get his pediatrician to write a prescription or note about it to the WIC office?


  • Oh my goodness, look how he has grown!  Seeing those pictures makes SU seem eons ago!

    I know there are so many bittersweet feelings by having another "lil" with Jadon... I feel very strongly that Trinity is so proud of you and her bros.

    I love Leigh's idea of maybe having the ped write it as a script.


  • Love the pictures they are amazing. See if your pediatrician has an Enfamil rep that they have who comes in and gives them samples, see if they can contact them and explain the situation that your having with the WIC office not wanting to pay for his formula bacause they are trying to force you to use Good Start and it is making your baby sick. Also tell them that you were laid off and that you can not afford the Enfamil. They will more than likely arrange to send you a LOT of free formula. If that doesn't work call Enfamil and tell them. Trust me some one will send you free formula. If not message me on facebook and I will get ahold of our enfamil rep and I will see what she can do. Formula companies sent out tons of free formula to Dr's office. They arrange lunches at ours and send cases of samples and if we have a patient who is having a problem or a cost issue they will arrange to sent cases of formula to their home at no cost. I really hope that they figure something out. Formula can be so expensive and especially if WIC is being unreasonable about changing your sons formula.


  • Aww....what sweet pics!!!

    I hear ya on the missing moments when you look at important pics.  Wish we could change it.  I don't blame you for the Enfamil.  Maybe you could get your dr. to write a note to the WIC office about him having to have something different.  Surely that's not all that they'll cover...every kid is different!  If nothing else, the dr office may have extra coupons to help with the cost.

    Hugs to you!