Samarella's Journal

10 Years of loss

  • So much love to you Sam!! All of this is so very true!

    Love and Hugs


  • I'm sending you so many hugs right now! It's still so hard to wrap one's mind and heart around. Any day living without your baby is heartache. You've managed for ten years and counting. Amazing strength mama!


  • I couldn't agree more with this. Thinking of you always.



  • These are all so true! I get those same questions in number three all the time!! It is difficult to decide if i should get into the story of who occupies the gap in our family, if the timing is right in the conversation.  As you said, it's still never easy.  Thinking of you!

  • hugs and I agree to everything you wrote. Nicki

  • Thank you for sharing. What have been some of your strategies to deal with painful triggers that take you right back to the day you lost your angel? I am still struggling with how to handle these moments.