Samarella's Journal

12 weeks

  • Girl----12 WEEKS!!!!  That's awesome!!!  

    As for the abnormal cells, I've had that happen twice and it's scary, but my gyn. said that most of the time it happens because they didn't get enough cells for them to test.  I tell her to get plenty now before sending it in.  I'm praying for awesome results on a retest and awesome updates from the little one.



  • Sam,

    First, let's do the happy dance for this milestone!!!

    Next, the cells.  I know you must be freaked out.  I know I would.  As a matter of fact, I have been there before.  I had a pap come back abnormal before.  It is scary, but I am sure that if the truth be told, there are MANY women who go through this.  I know that you will be uneasy until you know for sure and hear the see the heartbeat again.  I would.

    Please know that you and your lil peanut are never far from my thoughts and always in my prayers.  God bless,


  • Hoping for all good news at your next appointment. I know, I know, but I can't help but say it, don't panic until you have something to panic about. There's no reason to believe that everything won't be fine. You have to keep telling yourself that.

    As for the PAP, they are only recommening them every two years now, so you haven't really missed that many ;) I hope very much that it's a glitch and that it's nothing serious. Even if it is, you are living proof that a baby can survive a diagnosis during pregnancy.

    Keep your eyes on the prize. I will be keeping you close in my thoughts and looking forward to an update.


  • I will be thinking about you tomorrow as you go in for your appt.  I can understand not wanting to go near any doctor's offices.  Don't beat yourself up about that.  Like Shannon says, keep your eyes on the prize:)  Yay for 12 weeks!  You're doing great!


  • I am praying for you.  I know this is so scary and that with your family's medical history it's hard to believe that it might just be a fluke.

    I understand your need to distance yourself from OB/Gyn offices.  Please don't beat yourself up for that.  You did what you had to do for you and you can't go back and change that.

    I wish you peace and good news as you go forward.

    Much love always,


  • i also had "abnormal cells" once... they said it was due to "imflammation" and left it at that after the second test. I hope that's all you had going on. Best wishes for a strong heartbeat and congrats on the thirteen week mark. your baby is so lucky to have you and so are we.