Samarella's Journal

14 years old

  • So sweet! I hope he had a great birthday and is having a great 1st day of school today!

  • SO much love to you and good luck to Jadon as his big adventure of a high schooler begins! I think it goes by even faster after this!

    Love and hugs


  • Happy Birthday, Jayden! I hope his day was perfect. And I'm sure he only knows how much you love him... which is all he needs.

    And I can not believe he started HS and Jaxson started Kindergarten. I hope they both had a great day.

    Love and hugs,


  • Thank you for telling your story. Your son is beautiful. We share a similar story. My first son who just turned 5, was born at 35 weeks after a very difficult delivery and emergency csection that left him in the NICU and me in the icu. 2 years later, I gave birth to my second son, also a preemie born at 26 weeks, who passed away in the hospital. I completely understand how you feel about your son saving you. I often felt the same, thanking god that I had him to help me get through the pain, or maybe take my mind off of it. It’s taken me a while to join this group, so thank you for inspiring me to share too.