Samarella's Journal


  • Although I am not trying to get pregnant, I will go through you 2ww with you. I can give you my cell phone number and you can text me whenever you get the urge to test and I will text you back and say nooooo stay away from the evil pee stick!!!

    Please hold on at least until 12dpo and then wait 2 more days :-)

    You can do it!!!


  • lol

    Well Im due to start my period on the 16 or the 18th!  My periods have been off since Ive lost all this weight.  The box says I can test up to 5 days sooner.  Id Like to hold out till at least the 16th!  :)  But Im afraid the waait will be to much.  The 5 day sooner test would be the 11th-13th LOL  I just dont know Im nervous and after lossing Trinity I gave EVERYTHING away!  so Im crossing my fingers and telling myself that its in Gods hands and if to be than it will be if not Im not going to be upset!  Cause like I said it was like we were trying it just happened to "happen" when I was suppost to be ovulating if ya get the drift!  LOL :)