Samarella's Journal

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  • I can't imagine how tough the next week is going to be for you and your family.  I will be thinking of you all and keeping you in my prayers.  That is very, very sweet that your MIL remembered Trinity as she spoke to the doctor.



  • Oh I am so sorry these next few days are going to be so difficult for you and your family. I have been thinking of you a lot lately and keeping your FIL close in my prayers. It it great that your MIL included Trinity in her mentioning of the grandchildren, I'm sure that meant a lot to you. I'm always here if you need anything.


  • Nothing about the joy you felt having Trinity remembered sounds selfish to me in the least.  Absolutely nothing.  I wanna hug your MIL for being so honest and thoughtful during such a difficult time.  I'm sure Trinity is on the minds of much of your family that much more recognizing that your FIL and her, although too soon, will be able to hold one another.

    While far away, know I'm keeping you close in my heart.


  • I'm so sorry that the decisions are having to come so fast.  I'm sure your MIL is feeling Trinity's presence just like you are when thinking of what might be to come for Mr. Darryl.  My prayers are still with your family.


  • Sending you lots of hugs...