Samarella's Journal

18 weeks

  • So exciting and, yes, scary! I hope that all continues to go well and you can find some peace and distraction in the planning.

    Wishing you many, many more weeks of shopping and planning before you get to meet your little man.

    Thinking of you every day :)


  • It is so exciting and scary. Also so emotional when picking things out. It was for me atleast. I almost started to cry when I was registering for Kai. You will be a great mom! HUGS!!!


  • Congrats on 18 weeks!  I didn't do a baby registry and can only imagine those feelings.  Shopping is a WONDERFUL distraction and I hope that you are allowing yourself to feel that joy and to make plans.  What does the crib look like?  White, blond, chocolate, cherry?  Details:)


  • Samantha:

    Congratulations! this pregnancy is going fast (well for me) I know all that feeling..... but you are so brave.... I was so scare that I didn't bought anything for Valentina, only when she was 1 month old I started shopping for her..... Oh yes and for me it was 7 1/2 years between them and it felt like she was my first baby, incredible all the things you forget, but 2nd children are more relaxed and enjoyable....hugs


  • You know what I did, I kept looking in internet, adding to my chart or wish list, so I had an idea of what I want.......:)

  • Yikes!!!  It's so exciting to register, but so necessary if you have your eye on special things.  I know the fears that flash through your mind, but like I've said so many times before....keep your head up!!


  • I am so excited for you!

    PS-I love the name!