Samarella's Journal

2 in one day!

  • You guys have some serious timing going on!!  Maybe this little one is Trinity's way of making you smile on those tough days!!  

    I agree on the cutie comment---he's definately a handsome little fella!!

  • Trinity is smiling on you and is overjoyed for you! Maddie's EDD was exactly 1 year after my hubby's grandma died and it was upsetting. Smile and enjoy because your angel is watching over you and all of us are praying for a long & boring pregnancy for you

  • Take the timing as a good sign.  I know that can be hard with so many special dates.  I'm sorry that you're not sleeping well.  It's probably hormones and with all this exciting news, it can be hard to shut the brain off (and not worry).  One day at a time and we're all here for you to listen and support.

    Happy holidays,


  • I agree with Lindsay.. take the date in the positive way....Jadon and your baby will have close Bdays... well they say there are no random things in this life maybe is a way to mend all sad memories.... I understand you perfectly well, my angel died 4 days, 6 years before, Valentina's bday.... so those days are bittersweet for me.....

    hugs, and I hope you can sleep.....