Samarella's Journal

2 months 25 days

  • I read your previous blog and that song is beautiful.  Good luck with school.  I went back to school when my oldest son was 4.  I got my LPN and RN so it can be done.  I will be cheering for you!


  • I am not a stay at home mom (I love my kids, but definitly think we all get along better w/some seperation!), but after I went on bedrest and for the few weeks after Jadyn was born I was home w/my 4yr old...  It does present almost too much time to think and just feel...

    I think a part time job for the holiday's is a wonderful idea; go somewhere you hate to shop, or you'll spend all your hardearned money on your "employee discount"...  Trust me - lesson hard earned! :P

    I have also been thinking about going back to school...  I know so many moms here on Share have gone the nursing route to be able to help other babies or moms like them, and I think that is wonderful!  

    I am thinking of going into Early Childhood Development or possibly some sort of Child Advocacy type degree.  Now that my son is older I would love to be able to know exactly how to fight for what I think he needs; so maybe I can do it for other children...

    Good luck!!!


  • Thinknig of you during the holiday seasons.