Samarella's Journal

2 months and 2 days gone

  • I am so sorry that you lost your precious angel. I'm glad that you found share, it is a place where you can expres your pain and people will not tell you how you should feel. Many people here have been through the pain and anguish you are experiencing. You will find many friends here. I can't say that I know what your going through, but I can say that I am here to listen and to try to understand your pain.

  • I am so sorry for your loss of Trinity. And I am so glad you have found this site. There are some amazing people around here who know EXACTLY how you are feeling and what you are going through.

    Thank you for sharing your emotions and your story in this difficult, painful time. My heart goes out to you, my prayers go up for you and your family.



  • I am so sorry for your loss. My son Kaleb passed away a little over a year ago.  I can tell you that losing a child is not something we get over, we just get through it.  

    I am so glad you found Share, there is so much comfort here, so many who understand, we all help each other. Please continue to come back, we are all here to help through your journey.