Samarella's Journal

21 weeks wow!

  • Oh my goodness, Jaxson is such a cutie!  

    So many bittersweet moments watching our rainbows growing up, knowing what could have, should have been. I don't think anything will ever fully heal our broken hearts.  

    Enjoy the new car!!!


  • He is so adorable, and what a sweet lil' chunker!!  So adorable- and wow... looks just like Jadon!

    These are bittersweet days... and sometimes I wounds need to open up a bit before they can begin to heal again.



  • I need some snuggle time with that little guy!


  • He's beautiful, Sam, truly amazing.

    I wish there were only healing moments in all our lives but the way we get through the hard, painful moments really define us.

    You're an amazing woman, a wonderful mother, a beautiful friend.

    Much love,


  • Aww Sam you know how much I just love Jaxs:) Hoping you have the best weekend with your Aunt even though I have been twitching with the lack of phone calls lol. How I too wish having a rainbow could completely heal but like we both have said in some form we cant replace one for the other.:( Not that we would ever want to but wishing the pain wasn't so great as you try to fully enjoy each moment. Tons of hugs!!!! Nauls mom