Samarella's Journal

23weeks 6 days

  • I hate that...I'm starting to feel him pretty regular in the past two weeks but before that I would go 2-3 days without. I was driving me crazy the not knowing what was going on. Then one good kick would ease my mind. Praying momma for the both of us. I'm 28...they are taking me in 8 weeks. They cant go fast enough. Just want him in my arms safe and sound already. Sad I trust him more on the outside than on the inside. :(



  • Oh Samantha, I'm sorry the little guy doesn't move more for you.  I do think, though, as he gets bigger, the movement will be more noticable more often.  I pray for that for you, anyway.

    I also wish you another 14 weeks of happy, healthy pregnancy.

    Much love,


  • Wiggle little man wiggle!!!!!

    Come on 14 more healthy weeks!


  • I can't believe you're here already. Hope the little guy gets the message and starts moving more to make momma happy :)

    Keep up the good growing.


  • WOOHOO for 24 weeks!!  We all know it's no guarantee, but definitely a huge step on the way!!


  • I was SUPER neurotic about Lucia's movement during my pregnancy with her.  So, I totally get it!

    Yay for 24 weeks!!!!! :)