Samarella's Journal


  • One day at a time is the only way to go.  You're doin' it momma!  I look forward to seeing those pictures... and will patiently wait until November! :)


  • Every single day that little guy stays inside is a step toward bringing him home and introducing him to his big brother.  i Know you already know that helps to say it and say it and say it, right?

    Much love is coming your way,


  • Hugs Samantha.... Each day counts... Wishing you another 15 weeks...


  • Hang in there Samantha.  One day, one hour, one breath at a time....whatever it takes. You know we're here cheering you on.



  • Sam.

    A few months back you get certain goals.  We have been celebrating along with you as you have reached each one.  I know how hard it is to not worry about the future, but as so many have said day at a time.  I hope that you know that you and your little bean are in my thoughts and prayers.  God bless,


  • Big hugs to you!  Those days leading up to and day of when we lost our angels are so stressful!  I'm sorry you had such a scare right before this time too, so glad that they're taking your history and concerns seriously.  Thinking of you!


  • I know it's hard.  I remember holding a onsie to my belly when i was pregnant w/ Lucia - imagining her (didn't know it was a "her" at that time) in it - it was almost to scary to imagine though - because I was afraid if I wanted it too badly, it wouldn't happen.

    You're doing a great job!



  • I'm so glad that your progressing forward. Every day is one day closer to making the dream a reality. It's so dumb that it has to be this way for you, but you're doing it with such a great attitude and sense of perspective.

    Another 10+2 seems like a good next goal. Keep moving forward.