Samarella's Journal

3 months

  • I know how much you miss your baby & how intense it must hurt as I feel the same emptineess & sadness & it has been 16 months...I think we always have that emptiness at least I still have it.

    I do agree with you sometime I wonder why not me ..why can they NOT be with us in our arms what better place. You wrote exactly how I feel. I still have Alex's room made up ...It is so sad & I am sure you still cry & I think that is good sometimes to cry. Know that there are no words I can say to you to make your pain go away but I can offer my shoulder & my hand to walk with you thru this time. My birthday is approaching & I feel the biggest hole in my heart. I am with you.

    Please know that If I could I would bring your sweet baby back & all the angels I would. Know that I care & you came to the best site ever. Keep comming back.

    Your frind

    Alex's mom

    My Vanilla Puddin' Alexander

  • Thank you

    Thank you soo much... out of all the email I have recieve on share yours has really touched me deeply.  Thank You,  I was wondering if you have aol im or MSN messenger so maybe we could chat some more.

  • You sort of captured exactly how I am feeling lately too...  Yes, I DO believe that our precious babies are in Heaven, and I DO believe it to be a happy place - the BEST place.  Except for MY baby...  MY baby is supposed to be in MY belly!  MY baby is supposed to be in MY house!  MY baby is not supposed to be in Heaven...  Not for a long time!

    I totally understand the pain, sadness and confusion that you are feeling.  I also wish for just one more moment...  But I don't know if I could let go again.

    I only hope you know that you are not alone, and that we are all here suffering beside you.

    Peace & Prayers,


  • I can feel your pain in your words.. as much as that is possible, not having lost a child. I'm so sorry.

    I imagine you are right.. a part of you will never be whole again. You have lost a piece of your heart. If you need to cry, then you cry. It's okay.

    I will keep you in my prayers for peace and healing.

    Bless you,


  • I am so sorry for your pain.  Yes, your daughter is in heaven.  I know it isn't fair that she isn't in your arms, but she is safely in the arms of our heavenly father.  She is being taken care of each minute until you see her again!

    Please be comforted in this time of grief and know that we are here for you.  You are in my prayers!

    Take care-