Samarella's Journal

3 years tomorrow

  • Aww...happy 3rd birthday in heaven Trinity....ive just read your blog and can completely relate to so sorry for your beautiful boy,ashley,was born an angel on 2oth january 2oo9,i was nearly 32 weeks, also due to pre eclampsia...but also developed placental abruption...this year so hard now,will be 7 months in couple days time...and i agree with u about being more judgemental as a mum!i find it hard to keep my mouth shut,so many mums dont realise how lucky they give anything to have our angels in our thoughts are with you on trinitys angel date xchantellex

  • Thank you!  Its a hard time and every "angelversary" is hard but Im hanging in there.  I developed pre eclampsia as well!  I know that at only 7 month since you angels passing you still have hard days!  IM not going to say it get easier cause its never easy being a mom to an angel but I will tell you as moms to angels we learn to adapt as moms of angels and we relearn how to live!  Hang in there and lean on the members of SHARE!!!  Its been my rock!  ANd Im always around if you wanna chat!

  • Your friend is so lucky to have you.  I am so glad that you are using your experience to help others.  I know that I also am so much more aware.  


  • A very happy heavenly birthday to your little Trinity.  If the Share angels can party one half as well as their Share mommies, I know they'll be having a great time tomorrow! :)

    Your are so right.  It is amazing that any of us make it through those first days.  That we make it years is truly an amazing feat!


  • Happy Birthday sweet Trinity!  I know her heavenly party is going to be amazing.  All of our angelbabies will be there! I agree with you 100%, it is truly amazing that we make it through those first days.  I dont know how we do it, but we do. In the end we are a little battered and scarred, but thats what happens when you are in a battle.

    Thinking of you and sweet, sweet Trinity today!