Samarella's Journal

6 days

  • Oh Samantha I'm so sorry! It's true, you're right...people would have behaved differently if she were here with you. It's frustrating and I know it makes you sad- and angry.

    Use your feelings to be proactive?

    Last year I was in the same predicament. Naybe start emailing everyone, do u have a printer? Make some postcards and pass them out.  Last year, I solicted donations at my local starbucks. Could you post something at work? Or wear your MOD pins at work? Tell people why you are walking, in memory of your precious angel.

    I hope it all works out. Every little penny counts, even if you only raise a portion of your goal, be proud!

    I am proud of you! Just making the commitment to walk is a big deal.

    Sending u hugs from foggy California,


  • Oh Samantha, I'm so sorry you're not getting the support you need for both you and your daughter.  It is so frustrating sometimes when even your loved ones just don't seem interested in helping to honor or lost little ones.  Thank you so much for sharing the picture of Trinity with us, she is absoloutely beautiful!!  What a precious little angel!


  • I'm so sorry, Samantha!  I wish we lived closer to each other, I'd totally meet you at your walk site and walk with you.

    Trinity is so beautiful.  Thank you so much for sharing her picture with us.  It's so unfair that she doesn't get to be here.  So unfair!

    Thinking of you.


  • Samantha,

    I'm so sorry. Donations seem to be down everywhere this year. I know I'm having issues getting them, too. I know your family and friends would be so much different about things if Trinity were still here, they would acknowledge her then. They would buy her presents for her birthday, and Christmas...why can't they do this one little thing for her. It doesn't make any sense to me. Hopefully you get more donations. But every little bit that you help raise, helps. Really, it does! It's ok if you don't meet your goal, you're doing everything you can to help out.

    Thank you so much for sharing a picture of your beautiful Trinity.


  • so sorry for all you continue to go through and for the fact that i havent been around for you much lately....have just been finding it so hard to cope,just getting up each morning has been a so proud of you though and know your lil Trinity is too....thankyou for sharing her picture,she is such a beautiful angers me at the way people act so different because our children are angels...they are still our precious children and they always will be...they dont always get that we NEED to do things for them and for them to always be acknowledged....we love and miss them and are so proud of them,this will never change...thinking of you and your sweet Trinity...hugs,Chantelle xxxx

  • I am sorry you are having such a hard time...

    The girls are right...I am having hard time getting donations too. It is everywhere.

    What a beautiful little angel...And this is the right place to post her picture...We all know and feel for you.

    I am walking in 6 days memory of my little angel Sophia. We  will honor them and their matter how much we collect... We are angel moms and we will make our angels proud.

    Thinking of you!


  • Samantha -

    Thank you for sharing Trinity's picture.  She is beautiful and looks in peace.    I know that we want everyone to feel safe here and I am glad that you were willing to share your angel with us.  I just wish she were here with  you as well.  :(



    P.S.  And don't beat yourself up about your goal.  This year has been horrible for fundraising across the board.  I honestly never look at my goal much.  I am not a pushy person and I raise what I raise and that's it.  But I can understand why it hurts you so much and I hope people realize why it is so important to you and so important to many people.  The best thing I have found is just to continue talking about it, the more people know how much it hurts, the more willing they are to give.

  • Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful picture of your beautiful daughter with us.  

    I'm really sorry you did not meet your goal but the economy sucks right now, it seems as though people are really counting every dime these days.  I'm sure your angel is proud of you!