Samarella's Journal

6 years later

  • Oh, sweetie...I don't blame you. I wish they would've found this out 6 years ago for you and for Trinity. ♥♥♥

  • Oh, wow, Samantha.  I can only imagine the emotions going through your head and your heart.

    I'm so sorry these answers came too late for Trinity but am glad they've come in time for Jaxson.

    Thinking of you!!


  • Huge hugs Samantha!  New information always seems to bring back the what if's, and it is the worst place to be when you're missing a little one.  I'm glad that they found out now so that Jaxson can benefit from the meds, BUT I so wish that they had found this out with Trinity so she could have too and you wouldn't have to live with the what if's.  Tons and tons of hugs coming your way.


  • Sam, I know this information brings up so much hurt.  I hope that the injections will buy you many more weeks inside.  I wish that we had done Lovenox injections.  Lots of what ifs and I'm so very sorry.  You're so strong and I'm thinking about you.


  • Grrr......  I don't know how I would deal with this either.  I'm glad that you know and can be watched closely with Jaxson, but at the same time....I'm with you on Trinity's pregnancy too....  

    Hugs to you girl as you deal with these new feelings.


  • HUGS. I would be angry to. Very understandable to be bringing up the "what if" feeling. It sucks that they didn't find this with Trinity. I am glad that they found this now and you can do more to make it further in your pregnancy. I hope that they can find your records for you. Take care.