Samarella's Journal

7 days

  • It just doesn't seem possible that time is passing us by so quickly and that we are adding on more and more years since we lost our little ones.  Tons of hugs and prayers coming your way.


  • Holy cow! 28 weeks already?! Hugs to you as you approach these hard days.


  • Hugs, Samantha. Just thinking of you.


  • I know Trinity is sending some extra love to her momma and little brother on the way :)  

    I felt the same way about my shower when pregnant w/ Lucia.  I had one, but didn't want any games or anything.  

    You're doing a great job - it's so scary and hard getting through a subsequent pregnancy after a loss....but you are doing it! :)



  • Hug to you... Due dates, angelversaries are hard... specially if you are pregnant.... Congratulations on the  28 weeks.... Good luck with the shower, and it awesome you set the rules.... there should be a protocol about baby showers, all the mother to be wants....

    Enjoy, you are going to make it...



  • I give you a lot of credit for allowing a shower at all, especially so close to Trinity's birthday. I hope that you can feel the love of those attending and be at peace with this pregnancy, if only for the afternoon.

    Hoping so much that this is the pregnancy where it all comes together for that "normal" experience.

    Much love,