Samarella's Journal

7 years

  • Sam, I think that there will always be those moments where life without our child just takes our breath away. That moment where for an instant you just imagine the coulda woulda shoulda. It is really hard to imagine our girls as big girls now. In some ways it feels like just yesterday that I was pregnant. Someday we will be reunited again. Sending you and the boys lots of extra hugs.

    The video is hilarious!!! I had my hand over my mouth because I thought he was going to eat it. Maybe it was a donut fish. Lol.


  • Aaaah, those empty spaces.  I find my eyes wander to them as well, and I think always will with a big sigh.  The Share Community, myself included, is so lucky to have you.  I know you understand we would gladly kick ya out if it meant your sweet Trinity could be in your arms and the boys born on time...  You honor each of their stories by all the many amazing ways you give to this community.  I'm so thankful... grateful... humbled to call you a friend.