Samarella's Journal

8 years 363 days

  • As well meaning as those statements are, I too don't find them helpful. The reality is that some days we didn't "do it", because we didn't even get out of bed, some days even we couldn't imagine it either, because the grief wouldn't let us except reality. I don't know how we survived but we did and the reality of that is that sometimes surviving isn't all its cracked up to be because it hurts.

    As usual this time of year my heart breaks for you. I can feel your heart ache a thousand miles away and it hurts my heart because I know just how empty you feel. I am powerless to help you and that makes the hurt even worse. I wish I could be there with you with so much going on in the same week. I am sending you lots of hugs.

  • Sending many hugs to you Samantha and keeping you and Trinity in my thoughts.


  • I cannot wrap my mind around the time that has gone by, but I know it feels like it was just yesterday. Hold onto your boys. Know that I'm thinking about you and your angel Trinity and sending love to your family.

    Real hugs are on their way,


  • It's been a long time since we've been in touch, but I want you to know that I think of you often, especially this time of year.  I know that I can't say anything to dull the ache that your arms and heart feels for your precious daughter, so I won't try, but know that I love you, I miss you, and I'm thinking of you and your sweet Trinity.  xo

  • All those feelings and thoughts sound just like what comes out of my mind around Sean's birthday. Thinking of you during this time!