Samarella's Journal

A little sunshine on my cloudy day!!!

  • Hello Samantha,

    I am so happy to log on and read that you had a very special day in memory of your Trinity Leigh! I thought of you today and was hoping and praying that your day was filled with special moments, memories, friends, and family. I am so glad to hear that it was! Happy 4th Heavenly Birthday to Trinity!! Hugs to you!

    God Bless,


  • So glad that your day was filled with smiles along with the tears. What a beautiful way to remember Trinity, and thank you for thinking of us, too.


  • love ya girl can't wait to see you, the countdown has BEGUN!!

  • Sounds like a very special day!!!  

    I can't wait to give you hugs in the Hot-city too!!


  • Yay for a fixed blog!  So glad that you had so many rays of sunshine today and were able to enjoy at least part of Trinity's birthday!  3 ya!


  • I love that you had a little sunshine on your cloudy day!  i love share...such a wonderful place, i never thought i would connect with total strangers, lol.  I'm so happy that you received pink roses to replace the one the cat liked so much. :)

    I tried viewing your fb photo of the balloons, but it wouldn't let me view your stuff since we're not friends, and it wouldn't let me friend request you either, weird, oh well.  thanks for sending a balloon for my Liam.  


  • The pictures on facebook of the flowers and balloons were beautiful!  I've been thinking about you and your angel often the last few days.