Samarella's Journal

A whole lot going on

  • You are gonna be such a rockin' Ambassador Family!  Look at you and your kiddos already making waves!!  So awesome.

    And I totally had to laugh at paying so much for things you pee on!  I never thought about it that way!  You're so right!  I hope you have to pee on very few to get your BFP!  And for what its worth, you can get super cheap ones online.  :)

    Hugs momma.  You've been on my mind.


  • I'm gonna ditto everything Lauren said. Your gonna rock your ambassadorship. I'm sad to see mine go a little. Happy in one way cause its super time consuming but gonna miss it as well. We had an awesome year. So theraputic in a way to tell your story so much. Your gonna be incredible. Best of luck...and dont be afraid to cry. I was so scared my first few trying so hard ot to cry but then realized my speeches became stuffy cause I wasnt putting my heart into them. Once I allowed myselft to be real and if I cry I cry, I got amazing responses.

    Wishing that preggo test to have a positive result real soon. So depressing looking at a negative one. PS my cousin always bought hers at a dollar store...she swears they worked. Cant hurt.



  • I'm with both Lauren and Jessica, you're going to be an amazing ambassador family.  Crying during your speech only shows how passionate you are for this cause.  

    I'm sending you positive thoughts for the next few months.  I pray you get that positive and that it sticks for a nice, long nine months.  

    Much love to you!


  • I think it's so awesome that you are the Ambassador Family for your area.  I can see why you'd be nervous about crying through your speech, but I think that your true/raw emotions that you show are what really touch people - and it showed in their response to you!

    Good luck with everything over the next couple of months.  I'm sending baby dust your way :)



  • Congrats on being the Ambassador Family in your area!  Really cool!  You did GREAT!  It's hard not to get choked up.  These are our babies, our lives, and they mean the world to us.  It's important for people to see the pain when it doesn't go right.  It's nothing I'd ever wish on anyone.  Instead of just reading numbers and statistics, your speech put a face with the mission of MOD.  

    The next speaking engagement with Kmart sounds exciting! You can do it!!!  Go Sam go!  Good luck with all of the house stuff and happy craziness of M4B.  You go girl!


  • Oh yeah, you will see me!!!!!


  • Hang in there girl! TTC sure isn't as fun as all my friends seem to think it is. I think it's awesome that you get to be an ambassador family in FL!! You're story is going to help so many babies in the future through all you touch.  I'm so proud of you!!!



  • You are awesome, and I'm sure your story is touching people in ways you can't even imagine. Keep up the good work for all of us, even when it's overwhelming! It's awesome that you're getting the little perks that come with being an ambassador, too.

    Keep "doing it"! Fingers crossed.